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Shoulder Arthroplasty


Elbow Arthroplasty


Dr Srinath Kamineni

After qualifying from the University of Wales College of Medicine, I completed basic surgical training in Oxford and Cambridge, and completed my orthopaedic residency in London, England, (University College London and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital – Stanmore). I further specialized with a AO Shoulder Surgery fellowship with Professor Christian Gerber (Balgrist, Swizerland) and an Elbow Surgery fellowship with Professor Bernard Morrey, Professor Shawn O’Driscoll, and Professor Kai-Nan An (Mayo Clinic, USA).

I was appointed a Senior Clinical Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Imperial College (London, England), and a Professor of Bioengineering at Brunel University (London, England). In 2006 I was awarded the  Japanese Travelling Fellowship for the European Shoulder and Elbow Society. I returned to the USA in 2009, to the University of Kentucky, in order to develop a sub-specialisation in Elbow and Shoulder, and direct a programme of research into improving our understanding and management of pathologies that afflict these areas.


Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand

Conditions Treated:


(1) Arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Post-Traumatic arthritis, Collagen Vascular Disease Related arthritis

(2) Tendon Injuries (rotator cuff, biceps, SLAP tears)

(3) Stiffness (frozen shoulder)

(4) Instability  – Labral tear, Glenoid Bone loss, Sports related internal impingement, Acromioclavicular sprain / dislocation, Sternoclavicular subluxation / dislocation

(5) Muscle Patterning Problems – Habitual instability, Scapula Clicking/Dyskinesis

(6) Nerve Entrapments – Suprascapular nerve, Quadrulateral space syndrome, Triangular Interval Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

(7) Fractures – Humerus, Scapula, Clavicle

(8) Miscellaneous Conditions – Avascular necrosis, Lateral clavicle osteolysis, humeral or glenoid cartilage loss, previously undiagnosed shoulder pain, Scapular winging

(9) Failed Previous Surgery – failed rotator cuff repairs / failed shoulder instability surgeries / failed fracture fixations of the shoulder / failed shoulder replacements


(1) Arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Post-Traumatic arthritis, Collagen Vascular Disease Related arthritis

(2) Tendon Injuries (distal biceps tear/rupture, triceps tendinitis/rupture, tennis elbow, golfers elbow)

(3) Stiffness (elbow contracture, loss of forearm/radial head rotation)

(4) Instability  – valgus/varus instability, posterolateral/posteromedial rotatory instability, radial head clicking/instability after injury or after previous surgery, sports related throwing elbow pain

(5) Nerve Entrapments – cubital tunnel syndrome, radial runnel/supinator syndrome, median nerve compression at elbow

(6) Fractures and Fracture-Dislocations – Humerus, Radius, Ulna

(7) Miscellaneous Conditions – loose bodies, locking elbow, avascular necrosis of capitellum/trochlea, undiagnosed elbow pain

(8) Failed Previous Surgery – failed instability repairs / failed fracture fixations of the elbow / failed elbow replacements

Procedures Performed


1) Arthroplasty (Replacement)

Shoulder replacement (resurfacing, stemless, anatomic, reverse) 

      Primary for arthritis, unfixable fracture or failed fracture fixation   fixation

      Revision for failed previous replacement / infected previous revision Management of Failed Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Shoulder Arthrodesis (fusion)Shoulder Arthrodesis


2) Arthroscopy (Key Hole Surgery)

Arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff tear, SLAP repair, Biceps tenodesis

Lateral clavicle excision (Mumford procedure)

Superior capsular reconstruction – for unreconstructable or failed rotator cuff repairs

Tendon transfers – Latissimus, Trapezius, Pectoralis

Arthroscopic and Open stiff shoulder contracture release

Labral repair – for unstable shoulder

Bony Bankart repair – for unstable shoulder

Labral reconstruction for failed previous stabilization surgery – for unstable shoulder

Snapping scapula excision – for painful / clicking shoulder blade

Suprascapular nerve release

In-Space Balloon rotator cuff augmentation


3) Open surgery

Latarjet repair – for unstable shoulder with glenoid bone loss

Acromioclavicular joint repair / stabilization

Sternoclavicular joint repair / stabilization

Thoracic Outlet decompression

Quadrulateral and Triangular space decompression

Eden-Lange Triple Muscle transfer for Trapezius palsy

Fracture fixations of humerus, clavicle, and scapula


  • 1) Arthroplasty

Primary Elbow replacement (Linked and Unlinked) for arthritis and fractures Elbow Arthroplasty for Fractures

Revision elbow replacement for previous failed replacements or failed fracture fixations, and infected replacements

Radial head replacement after fractures

Interposition Arthroplasty

Elbow Arthrodesis [Elbow Arthrodesis]


  • 2) Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic tennis elbow release

Arthroscopic stiff elbow (contracture) releaseExtracapsular Endoscopic Capsulectomy for High Grade Elbow Contractures

Arthroscopic loose body removal

Arthroscopic osteocapsular arthroplasty for early arthritis

Arthroscopic excision of bony impingement in athletes/manual workers etc

Arthroscopic Outerbridge Kashiwagi procedure

Arthroscopic lateral collateral ligament repair

Arthroscopic partial distal biceps repair


  • 3) Open Surgery

Fracture fixation of humerus, radius, and ulna,

Cubital tunnel release / Radial tunnel release / Median nerve release

Tommy-John repair of valgus unstable elbow in throwing athletes

Revision repair/reconstruction of failed elbow stabilization

Radial head stabilization after previous failed surgeries

Distal biceps and Distal triceps primary / revision repair or allograft reconstruction

Cartilage repair or graft reconstruction of capitellum/trochlea avascular necrosis


  • 4) Ultrasound Guided

Tennis Elbow Release (Tenex)


1) Post-traumatic arthritis and stiffness

2) Novel Methodologies for Surgical Training

3) Tennis related arm biomechanics + patho-physiology

4) Cost efficient methodologies in healthcare

5) Strategies for failed surgeries