Patient Reviews

When a local doctor wouldn’t help me with my shoulder, I contacted the UK office, explained my medical situation, and within a month saw Dr. Kamineni. He studied my MRI, X-rays and concluded that I needed a shoulder replacement. Dr. Kamineni’s concern and compassion before and after my surgery were excellent. After I was home in Elizabethtown, if I had any questions before any post-operative visits, he or a member of his staff was available to answer any questions. When I went for my postoperative visits, he explained each thing I needed to do to keep my shoulder moving and to regain its strength withoutdoing any harm or injury.

I had hurt my shoulder, saw a Orthopedic, they were taking forever so I contacted Dr. Kamineni and was seen by him, treating the problem within two weeks of calling to where previous Dr. I had been waiting for a month and never saw that actual Dr. Only his PA.

Amazing surgeon! Have dealt with a rare bone disease for most of my life and he finally came up with a genius plan to correct it using an autograft from my shoulder. Took the time to follow up after major surgery.

Dr. Kamineni was (and continues to be) the consumate professional pre-and-post op visa vis a total shoulder replacement. His “team” was consistent in message and showed great empathy. They never made me feel rushed fielding all my questions honestly. Dr. K always took the time to make sure I completely understood the surgery itself and recovery. Professionally I dealt directly with physicians for over two decades. Dr. K is truly the upper crust of the upper crust and I highly recommend him.

Dr Kamineni and his staff were the models for caring and professionalism. He put me to ease because I had a lot of apprehension from stories I had been told from friends and coworkers. I followed all of his instructions and had very little pain or discomfort. I highly recommend Dr Kamineni for your shoulder needs.

Everything related to my surgery was excellent. I have had very little pain and am healing as planned. Would recommend him 10/10!

I had surgery under Dr Kamineni and I’m pleased to say he is one of the best! He worked deligently with me after re injuring my shoulder to get me back to normal again. I’m happy to say he released me today full duty. I feel if I hadn’t had a Dr who was concerned with my outcome that I wouldn’t have been returning to work at all, so thank you Dr Kamineni for all your hard work and dedication to your patient’s. You really made a difference for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing shoulder surgery.

Dr. Kamineni is by far the best doctor I’ve ever went to. He is very helpful and personable. Every visit went very smoothly and the wait to seem him was very minimal unlike other doctors. Overall I would highly recommend him!

HE explained the disease pathology very well with graphics. Appointment was not rushed. The surgery went very well and I had excellent results. I would highly recommend him any day.

I had numbness and tingling in both hands and arms. Dr. Kamineni was very Thorough with me. My left hand and arm was A carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery. No more numbness or tingling. Now on to the right ride. My recovery was fast.

Explained in great detail and ensured all questions were answered. Very personable

I got great news today The surgery went very very well I am very satisfied with Dr. Kamineni and his team did a great job. Thank you

ReplyDr. Kamineni was/is very professional, he took time to make sure I had a full understand of my injury and what it was going to take to fix my shoulder. Dr. Kamineni came highly recommended to me by another orthopedic surgeon and I now know why. From presugery to my last vist I have been treated with courtesy, respect and professionalism. After a very complex massive rotator cuff tear, I honestly feel that thanks to Dr. Kamineni I may have a fully functioning shoulder again.

Dr. Kamaneni performed revision surgery to repair a previous shoulder replacement. We have been highly satisfied with his work and professionalism throughout the surgery and follow up visits.

Great Doctor, Did a excellent job on my ruptured bicep tendon. Easy to talk to and explains everything very well. He,s a 5 star Doctor. Im so thankful for how he has helped me with my arm.

Absolutely Wonderful. I had shattered my left Elbow in 2001 in a accident and I have been thru alot with my elbow and have seen several surgeons. Dr Kamineni has be far been the most helpful and informative with getting me back to being able to use my arm as well as I can. He has made me understand my arm and why I would never heal like I should. Like I’ve said i have seen several dr’S and not one of them have actually made me feel like I was important and would listen to me when I talk and he really does. I have had 9 surgeries on my elbow and he had done the last 3. I honestly cannot explain what he has done for me with helping me get my life back and being able to use my arm as well as he has. I am always recommending him to anyone and everyone I can. I am so glad and feel truly blessed that he has been my dr for the last 8 years. I hope that he never leaves from UK, but if he does I will definatly be following him to wherever he transfers his practice.Thank you for helping me.