Patient Stories

Revision Elbow Replacement

Absolutely Wonderful. I had shattered my left Elbow in 2001 in a accident and I have been thru alot with my elbow and have seen several surgeons. Dr Kamineni has be far been the most helpful and informative with getting me back to being able to use my arm as well as I can. He has made me understand my arm and why I would never heal like I should. Like I’ve said i have seen several dr’S and not one of them have actually made me feel like I was important and would listen to me when I talk and he really does. I have had 9 surgeries on my elbow and he had done the last 3. I honestly cannot explain what he has done for me with helping me get my life back and being able to use my arm as well as he has. I am always recommending him to anyone and everyone I can. I am so glad and feel truly blessed that he has been my dr for the last 8 years. I hope that he never leaves from UK, but if he does I will definatly be following him to wherever he transfers his practice.Thank you for helping me.